Working in Metal Casting Industry


Hi, I am Arnab. This would be a blog regarding my life as a marketing executive in the Metal Casting Industry. After graduation, I worked in the field of Information & Technology and enjoyed my life as a coder for a year and then pursued freelance works as photographer, interpreter of Spanish and French languages, website designer, video editor, 3D animator and as tourist guide. Working in multiple disciplines gave me the opportunity to explore new arenas and continue to self upgrade. To be honest, freelance in India is quite challenging and thrilling & the only way to generate business is to offer services of finest quality. As photographer, I am capable of communicating with images and the knowledge of foreign languages equips me to communicate with clients who are not English speakers. Btw, I’m fine with English too 🙂

I’m, very content to commence a new phase of professional life as a full time marketing executive in NSI (India) Limited, Kolkata & happy to be a part of an organization which is a key player in the Metal Casting industry and I am here in this blog to let people know that we as NSI exist and share my experiences post joining NSI. This blog will be regularly updated with contents of what is happening in the Indian Metal Casting industry & the role of NSI in this and I hope this will be beneficial for the readers who can be a learner, peer or a client.